On June 7, 2021 a nonpartisan group of Nevadans served an official notice of maladministration to the office of Governor Steve Sisolak, demanding a full forensic audit of the 2020 election. Notarized affidavits were also sent certified mail to the Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske and all necessary state officials and recorders.

Mindy Robinson, Rhonda Rau, Bonnie Taylor, Deana Villei

The team followed the footsteps of the election integrity groups and activists currently working on the Maricopa County audit, including candidate for Congress AZ6 Josh Barnett, Daniel Wood, and David Jose. Barnett had teased of a forthcoming audit earlier this week garnering major support on Twitter:

Mindy Robinson’s post on GAB stated:

It’s not about pushing for a certain party or wanting one candidate to win over the other, it’s about making sure our votes matter. Unlike a lawsuit where it would be our job to prove anything, these affidavits remind the state that its actually their job to prove to us their wasn’t fraud. They are bound by the constitution to look into investigating if we suspect something, and I don’t think people realize that. We the People of Nevada have legitimate questions about this election that the powers that be are being very combative about answering. Why did counting stop? Why weren’t poll watchers allowed to be close enough to observe? Why did dead people get ballots? Who certified these machines before the election? I just find it odd that CNN, ABC, and even top level Dems like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris all believed these machines were easily hackable and a danger to our Republic….right up until they got the result they wanted? We just want to know if our votes mattered and it’s 100% on the state to prove it to us if we petition them…which we just officially did.

The affidavit quotes several powerful and binding sections of their state constitution including: Article 2 Section 1 and Section 1A:
To have complaints about elections and election contests resolved fairly, accurately and efficiently as provided by law.”

As well as Nevada Constitution Article 1 Section 2:
Government is instituted for the protection, security and benefit of the People; and they have the right to alter or reform the same whenever the public good may require it.

When asked how others can be part of demanding an audit, Robinson stated that they can fill out the same affidavit they did, have it notarized, and certify mail to the addresses included in the PDF the DC Patriot has included at the bottom of this article. Certified mail costs about $7 an address, but several affidavits can be included in each mailing if people wanted to get mail theirs together to save money. She ends it by stating, “They have to answer to this, and the more people that participate the less they can pretend they have a right to ignore it” she continued, “We’re asking these people to investigate themselves…of course they’re not going to do it willingly, unfortunately for them though their job is to answer directly to the People.”

Mindy Robinson can be reached for questioning at [email protected]

All governments started with the People. It was founded and based on the People’s will and never about the desires or will of the government officers. The People addressed you as trustees and servants and all times to be accountable to the People. Therefore, the People are not limited by your statutory limits. All government, of right, originates with the People, is founded upon their will only and is instituted solely for the good of the whole. Public officers are the trustees and servants of the People and are at all times amenable to them.”